what you'll find here: pictures of cats, pictures of tattoos, and if you're lucky, pictures of cat tattoos or pictures of cats with tattoos. i'm currently a library clerk and i read more than i should. take a look at what i'm reading now and read my book reviews here: http://sites.google.com/site/liningofyourskin/
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Book House, Rock Hill, MO


Book House, Rock Hill, MO

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The idea that you’re hard to love is ludicrous.

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that peter pan tattoo…

that peter pan tattoo…

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The last gif is so much fuckin truth

damn he went hard

He just told a little truth. For a few minutes. That’s all. In our culture of constant delusion and hypnosis, this is remarkable. But it shouldn’t be. It should and could be the norm.

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It’s not hard to find cases where police continued to abuse their authority, even as bystanders record their behavior. Indeed, in some cases—like the one in Florida—they become more aggressive, reacting against the cameras as if they were illegal.